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Pizzuta and Fascionella: The finest almonds in the world

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Pizzuta and Fascionella: The finest almonds in the world


pizzutaThe Pizzuta of Avola is the finest almond in the world. It blooms in the depths of winter and for this reason it is prolific in the coasts and in the low hill. It prefers the best lands, with the best exposure. It has got a hard and smooth shell with small pores. Its seed are ellipse shaped. It is flat and red as the leather. It is the elected almond of the confectioneries and, in general, of the most advanced cuisines. Its very low productiveness contributes to improve its organoleptic quality.

Tasting notes:
  • Intense casein flavour
  • A pleasant, light, bitter hint at the end
  • Considerable persistence in mouth thanks to its richness in essential oils.

fascionellaThis is a typical variety of the Syracuse area. It has got a large-sized shell with ochre striping. Its surface is smooth with small pores. Its seed is asymmetrical, with an ovalized side. It has got a dark and hard husk which shows deep veining.

Tasting notes:
  • Full and balanced palate
  • Remembrance of grain and white flowers
  • Refined final and noteworthy persistence in mouth

Our advice: white wine or brut sparkling


Variety Pizzuta of Avola: Fascionello (Fasciunieddu).
Avilable category
natural and peeled natural and peeled
Caliber Variable according to the season. Variable according to the season.
Territory Agro di Noto Noto and Siracusa
Rearing No chemical treatment. No chemical treatment.
Shape Regolar oval flat Large oval flat
Colour Red laether Red laether
Bitter percentage (Amygdalin): about 1% (Amygdalin): about 1%
Presence of twin fruits Very low (from 0 to 3%). Very low (from 0 to 2%).

Recipe of the almond granita

granita-mandorleThe Sicilian almond granita is one of the most famous regional sweets in Italy. Together with the traditional Sicilian brioche, you would be amazed to discover how it is easy to realise this slush at home. The almond granita is perfect in summer: sweet but thirst-quenching, tasty but light and in particular it refreshes since the first bite! The main feature of Sicilian granita is its creaminess: so, pay attention to serve this recipe correctly.

• 400 gr of almond paste
• 1 lt of water


Crumble the almond paste block in a bowl together whit the water and mix accurately using a whisk to melt it down completely. If you can’t find the almond paste block you should use the ready-made almond milk.
Put the bowl in the fridge and let it stand for 4 hours. Remember to mix the slush each 30 minute with the whisk to let it remain creamy and not to form ice blocks. If when you serve the slush it is not enough creamy, blend it in a minipimer or in a mixer: you will obtain a really creamy slush. Serve it with almond shavings.


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