Eco-sustainable philosophy

Eco-sustainable philosophy
respect for the environment and love for Nature

The estate of i Carusi was conceived with total respect for the environment, focused on care for nature.
The spaces, materials, the energy sources, even the technology added: in the buildings, everything is designed to be eco-sustainable, and reduce the environmental impact to a minimum.
Nature does so much for us, presenting us with her most precious fruits. We want to respond to her bountiful generosity by making sensible choices and taking specific actions to give tangible expression to our love for our region.

A perfect eco-system for your vacation

Our green building project

There is a timeless atmosphere at i Carusi country retreat.
The structure is a former rural baglio, an old country property, cultivating almonds on its own land, restored by a careful green building project.
The restructuring took place with total respect for the nature around it, while the interiors were designed in a modern, minimalist style, paying special attention to ambient comfort. The rustic effect of the walls in white masonry, or the numerous finishes in terracotta, demonstrate our wish to recover traditional materials such as the soft Noto stone, the light-coloured clay tiles, or the hard limestone of Modica. Many of the internal structures in wood which you can admire around you, have been recovered from materials used in construction of the original buildings. This seemed to us a way to recycle creatively, in harmony with the country chic style of our wellness retreat in Val di Noto.
In the wall, roof and floor coverings of the building, we have combined sustainability and functionality to the best effect, using heat insulating materials, water-based, breathable paints, organic pigments and other natural derivatives, which do not use chemical solvents. Because for us, i Carusi is in every way a home, and we want our guests to feel as we do: pampered in a welcoming, but health-giving environment.

Let's respect nature together

Clean energy, no to waste

The boutique hotel of i Carusi uses “clean energy” to ensure its guests have every comfort without adding to global warming.
The building's energy comes from the latest solar panel technology. Heating and air-conditioning of the interiors also use sources of natural energy, via the photovoltaic installation on the roof of the main building. Waste water from our buildings is filtered and reused to irrigate the surrounding fields. This all reduces waste and creates a virtuous circle which reduces consumption and helps the environment.

An Eco-Organic stay in Val di Noto

Sleep in peace

The internal Wi-Fi network in all the rooms and suites at i Carusi boutique hotel can be disabled. As well as saving energy, this also reduces the prevalent electromagnetic fields, especially at night.
Hygiene is an integral part of a perfect stay, and we ensure you always find both the public areas and the accommodation perfectly clean. To avoid waste, and respect environmental and natural resources, we ask you to share this concern, kindly keeping your sheets and towels if you think they are still clean.
Rooms and environments are sanitised, in order to guarantee a healthy environment. You will find a QR Code in your room giving you access to all the information you need: the date of the last cleaning routine, the products used, technical and safety information.

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