The capital of Sicilian baroque

A trip to Noto

Our reception staff will be happy to plan a trip with you, to explore Noto, the capital of Sicilian baroque and old Noto, two magic, timeless places which bewitch everyone who sees them for the first time. Starting at i Carusi, you arrive in Noto in just a few minutes, with its historic town centre declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2002. An enchanted town, where time seems to be stopped..

Among historic palaces and monuments, every corner of this cradle of the Baroque exudes history and inspires excitement. The best way to appreciate the real magic of Noto is to visit the town on foot, starting at Porto Reale: a nineteenth-century triumphal arch which offers you a proud and majestic welcome. The undisputed jewel of the Baroque capital is without doubt the Duomo: the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, with its cupola and the world-famous staircase, which has featured in numerous television series and films.

The remains of the city destroyed by the earthquake

Old Noto

A lifetime would probably be insufficient to visit the wealth of treasures preserved in Sicily, but the boutique hotel of i Carusi, close to Noto and in the heart of the wonderful region of the same name, is strategically placed to admire some of the greatest beauties of the world. The Duomo of Noto is a real baroque jewel, which can be seen dominating the town from every point, but another tour which i Carusi encourages you to take if you are wandering round Noto, passes through the areas where the old buildings of the town stood, destroyed by earthquake in 1693.

We are speaking of old Noto: entering by the Porta della Montagna, you will come across the remains of the Royal Castle, with its tower. From Piazza Maggiore you then take a path which leads into the Valle del Carosello, an inspiring place because there amidst unspoilt nature lies what was once the artisan quarter of old Noto, with more than 30 tanneries excavated among the rocks. Following the course of the river, you will even reach a pool where you can bathe.

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