Oil, almonds, citrus fruit and preserves

I Carusi is the home of zero-kilometre

Our organic business started in 2006 at Acireale, in the Catania province, a historic farming region. The ideal climate conditions, proximity to the sea, and our passion for this profession were the ingredients on which we built the cultivation of a favourite, healthy fruit like the pink grapefruit.

As the years passed, i Carusi’s organic farm business grew and expanded, and in 2013 came the new base at Noto, in Siracusa province. This is how our boutique hotel began, where the indisputable star is nature herself, present indoors and out, in every aspect. The boutique hotel stands right in the heart of Val di Noto, on six hectares of land where almonds, olives and lemons are cultivated, and surrounded by wide-open green spaces

I Carusi, a farming business and boutique hotel, is the ideal place to pass a relaxing, well-being vacation, exploring all the goodness of nature.

Organic farming at Noto

Natural passion at zero km

The products of i Carusi’s farm business, offered to the hotel guests from breakfast, through to the aperitif, lunch and dinner, are gathered on our land, and so are truly zero-kilometre. They are fruits of the earth, but also of a passion for nature and farming, passed on down the generations. And enhanced by the skilful cooking of Simona Privitera, chef and owner of i Carusi.  

We produce conserves and extra-virgin olive oil; we also grow the most highly-prized varieties of almonds in the world, the pizzuta and the fascionella, gathered from our own almond trees which grow around the boutique hotel.

Sustainability, with low environmental impact

I Carusi respects the environment

The natural world of Sicily is generous in her bounty, and at i Carusi, we repay this by offering the maximum respect to the environment. Through our green building project, in line with sustainable principles, we work carefully to reduce the environmental impact of the production processes in our farm business, the restaurant and the visitor accommodation.

Our organic products

How the Organic Extra-virgin Olive oil is produced

The extra-virgin olive oil from i Carusi's farm business starts with a careful choice of olives, and is subject to continuous quality control to ensure its full authenticity. The harvest uses a vibrating comb which is passed among the branches of the tree. The vibration shakes the foliage and the fruit, causing the olives to fall on sheets spread on the ground. The olives are then ready to be gathered and taken to the crusher. This harvesting method produces the purest quality of extra-virgin olive oil, because the fruits are gathered in a single operation, thus avoiding damage to the plants, which could compromise productivity the following year. The olives are pressed within 24 hours of harvesting, reducing the microbial load on the skin, and hence the presence of hydrolytic enzymes and oxidation from bacteria and fungi. All this results in a high-value oil, the best for dressing salads, bruschette, grilled vegetables, and other typical dishes.

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