The company

Even if I paint an apple, there is Sicily.

Renato Guttuso

The biological company I Carusi was founded in 2006 in Acireale, Catania, in an area with an historical agricultural vocation. The ideal climatic conditions, the proximity to the sea and a real passion for this job are the ingredients that permit, in a hectare of land, to grow a salubrious and loved fruit like the grapefruit.
The company grew, got developed and in 2013 a new branch was opened in Noto, Syracuse: six hectares of land entirely dedicated to grow olive, almond and lemon trees. The company I Carusi produces healthy and tasty products with extraordinary organoleptic properties, 100% natural, pride of the made in Sicily.





In the biological farm I Carusi the harvest of olives is developed with a traditional technique: with the help of a vibrating comb among the twigs we make the olives fall on some clothes which are spread out on the ground and then we harvest and transport them to the olive-press.
This is undoubtedly the best method of harvesting able to offer an extra-virgin olive oil with an absolute quality because the olives are harvested once in a process, without any damages to the plant that could compromise the productivity of the next year.
The olives are milled in 24 hours and this reduces the microbial load on the peel and consequently reduces the presence of hydrolytic and oxidative enzymes of bacterial and fungal origins.

Our Olis

Biological oil from our harvest

The biological farm I Carusi arises in some territory rich in history and traditions, set between Eloro beach (in the North of the magnificent reserve of Vendicari) and Pizzuta column. In this little corner of paradise, a chain of different cultures that stratified through the centuries, creates an extraordinary open pit museum where it is possible to appreciate the Greek, Arabic and Phoenician influences. The old eighteenth-century tuna-fishing nets of Marzamemi and Capo Passero, the Spanish and Byzantine watchtowers, the Baroque of Noto, the Liberty style of the twentieth century buildings are just the frame of a land where the man has been able to cultivate olive, carob and almond trees that give us extraordinary fruits. Exactly thanks to the characteristics of the land, to the particularly favourable climate in the farm “I Carusi”, we chose to produce biological and high quality olive oil able to exalt the taste and the genuineness

The Bio Almonds

Pizzuta and Fascionella: The finest almonds in the world

The territory offers a very suggestive landscape: the sea, the mountains, the volcanoes, the hills and the scant but fertile plains. Besides the big wealth offered by the sea, which is often the protagonist of many traditional Sicilian first dishes, Sicily can count on a fertile land which offers many products such as Pachino tomatoes, broad beans, aubergines, capers, pistachios… but the queen of the territory is surely the Almond. In fact, the finest Almond in the world is produced in this area!

Nutritional Information

The Almonds are very energy-giving seeds, since they are rich in unsaturated fats that constitute over the 50% of them. The contents of proteins are elevated (15% – 18%) and the presence of vitamins of the group B1 and B2, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sulphur, is precious. Moreover, they have got a good quantity of vitamin A and E. It is such a very balanced and nourishing food.