Yoga retreat in Val di Noto

A magic setting, where the stress of daily life is lifted

Our bodily well-being is closely linked with our mental well-being, and the best way to recover it or re-energise it is with a yoga retreat in Val di Noto, at i Carusi boutique hotel.
Our wellness retreat is completely surrounded by Sicilian nature, a feature which makes it an ideal place to restore inner, mental and emotional peace. An experience at i Carusi will transform your stay in Sicily into a special journey of introspection and meditation, through ancient practices like Yoga, which still today bestow infinite benefits on people of all ages.

The yoga classes offered at our wellness retreat are given only in the open air. Waiting for you here, in absolute quiet, is a wonderful view over the proud countryside which embraces the whole establishment: an antidote to everyday stress, a way of escaping from everyday reality and discover the more relaxing side of a vacation in Val di Noto, opening the mind, loosening the body and lightening the spirit.

Yoga Class at i Carusi

From the ancient East comes a discipline to restore balance of body and mind

Coming to the west from a thousand-year-old eastern tradition, Yoga is a disciple which brings many benefits at the psycho-physical level, working on muscles, joints and bones, on the circulation and internal organs. At i Carusi, you can choose from three different classes: Hatha, Vinyasa and Flow.

L’Hatha Yoga, one of the most widespread forms, is based on psycho-physical exercises, intended to control the mind and body, and requires hard work from the muscles to maintain the positions.Vinyasa and Flow, on the other hand, are a series of movements coordinated with breathing: a vigorous style of yoga, to improve balance, flexibility and strength.

The yoga classes at i Carusi have to be booked every day: from March to June, in the afternoons; in July and August, morning and afternoon.


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